Cloud | Software | Agile

Senior Software Engineer (5 x AWS Certified and 2 x Node.js Certified) with 12 years of hands-on experience as Cloud Architect and Software Engineer with a focus on web-application scaling and system reliability with a good sense for IT-security. Proven track record of on-premise / hosted to AWS migrations as well as highly scalable back-ends. A focused, dedicated and passionate self-starter committed to problem-solving with in-depth experience of agile methods. Driven to delivering innovative solutions to inspire and impact whole teams. AWS enthusiast, who's eager to share knowledge as a mentor or by the right leadership to let team members grow into it.

The world is powered by open source software.

It is a hidden cornerstone of modern civilization, and the shared heritage of all humanity. The mission of the GitHub Archive Program is to preserve open source software for future generations.

GitHub is partnering with the Long Now Foundation, the Internet Archive, the Software Heritage Foundation, Arctic World Archive, Microsoft Research, the Bodleian Library, and Stanford Libraries to ensure the long-term preservation of the world's open source software. We will protect this priceless knowledge by storing multiple copies, on an ongoing basis, across various data formats and locations, including a very-long-term archive designed to last at least 1,000 years.